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Pilar’s Story

Pilar was born and raised in Colombia and moved to the United States in 2000. She is the epitome of what a kind, courageous woman is. Aside from juggling a family and owning her own business, Pilar puts forth her heart into everything she strives to accomplish. The lengths she extends to take care of others are endless and never go unnoticed. Her clients have followed her around San Antonio for over 10 years because they absolutely adore her and are confident that she will always deliver an incredible personalized spa experience. After 15 years of massage, Pilar created a custom technique that combines therapeutic aspects along with acupressure, trigger points, and Swedish-style massage to induce deep relaxation in her massage services. She also specializes in reflexology, prenatal, myofascial release, and deep tissue massages. She spends a tremendous amount of energy on her clients to ensure they are fully satisfied with their treatment. Although her main area of study is body therapy and massage, Pilar is a woman of many hats as she continues to study the art of being an Esthetician.

Pilar always dreamed of owning and operating her own spa practice and in March of 2015, her wildest dreams became a beautiful reality. She established Pilar Abril Signature Spa in hopes to continue spreading her knowledge and promoting wellness to the residents of San Antonio with a sense of elegance and the touch of her sparkling personality. In her free time, Pilar enjoys being a mom to two beautiful children and spending time with her husband. She is enthusiastic about cooking and finds pleasure in preparing a home-cooked meal for her family every night of the week.

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